eDRMS Policy & Compliance Advisors

Our Records Management and eDRMS Policy advisors offer an extensive array of Policy and Compliance services.
  • Policy Development
  • Compliance Investigations or Reviews
  • Risk Management
  • Confidential Reviews
  • Assessment and Audit Preparations

Records Management Policy

Your Records Management Policy is a framework that ensures compliance with relevant legislation, which in most eDRMS is the management of full and accurate records of all business activities.

Benefits of a good Records Management Policy includes:

  • - Controls organisational records
  • - Appropriate Retrieval procedures
  • - Formalised Disposal processes
  • - Regulatory compliance is addressed

  • Our highly trained eDRMS professionals can assist you with the development of a Records Management Policy.

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    Information Governance

    Your organisation needs eDRMS compliance to address all applicable laws, regulations, rules and policies.

    To further assist this endeavour, you also need to establish a culture of compliance, one that requires very high standards. Capability improvements for people and process may be required.

    Our highly trained eDRMS professionals can help you develop an eDRMS or Records Management Compliance framework that is structured to your unique organisational processes, requirements, regulations, specifications or legislation.

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    Records & Information Management

    Records & Information Management (RIM) is an organisational function devoted to the management of information in an organisation. The management of information is throughout its entire life cycle, from the time of creation or inscription to its eventual disposition.

    Benefits of good Records & Information Management includes:

  • - Smarter Records & Information Management
  • - Adds Value
  • - Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • - Information Security
  • - Consolidate Records & Information Management

  • Our highly trained eDRMS professionals can develop or update your eDRMS, Recordkeeping or Records & Information Management Policy.

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    Bespoke Policy Frameworks

    A Policy is a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. A Policy is a statement of intent and it is implemented as a set of standards, principles, procedures or protocols. Within most organisations, Policies are generally developed and operationalised by a governance teams.

    The intended effects of a Policy vary according to the organisation and the context in which they are made. Policies are typically instituted to comply with overarching regulatory requirements or to avoid some negative effect, or to seek some positive business benefit. Are you looking to avoid negative behaviour? Do you need to comply with overarching Policy, Legal and Regulatory frameworks?

    Our highly trained eDRMS professionals can assist you with the development of a unique Policy framework that meets all of your unique needs.

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