Information Management Consultants

Our Information Management Consultants offer an extensive array of Information Management services.
  • Information Management Analysis & Design
  • Information Governance
  • Data and Information Classification Schemes
  • Dynamic Data and Information Registers
  • Data & Information Catalogues

Information Analysis & Design

Our highly trained consultants are Information Management (IM) specialists. IM involves a variety of stakeholders, including those who are responsible for assuring the quality, accessibility and utility of organisational information.

These stakeholders are responsible for safe storage and disposal of information assets. Some stakeholders have rights to originate, change, distribute or delete information according to their organisational IM Policy. In the context or recordkeeping compliance, this may require records management oversight.

Our Information Management experts provide all levels of systems analysis and design. We provide services for all things information and records and information management.

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Information Governance

Information governance is about your standards, principles and procedures. Duties and roles that hold organisational elements accountable for the creation, categorisation, security, maintenance, use and appropriate disposal of information. Effective governance ensures information is treated as a corporate asset and minimises risk and reduces risk of non-compliance events.

Information Governance can also help you balance your legal, compliance, transparency and legal discovery functions. Do your employees follow your Information Governance frameworks? What about your Policies and Procedures?

"Information Governance encompasses more than traditional records management. It incorporates information security and protection, compliance, data governance, electronic discovery, risk management, privacy, data storage and archiving, knowledge management, business operations and management, audit, analytics, IT management, master data management, enterprise architecture, business intelligence, big data, data science, and finance" - Wikipedia. Contact Us

Information Classification Schemes

Our experienced team of Information Management experts can assemble and roll out your new information classification scheme. We have worked with most states and territories to establish and then implement complex schemas.

Let one of our information experts, architects or systems designers assist your organisation with updating, replacing or creating new document, records and information classification schemes.

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Information Registers & Catalogues

One of our specialities is helping you establish Information as an Asset agenda. Let’s us assist you with capturing information about you information. What about a Data or Information Asset Register? Would you like to sell your information commercially? Why not list and describe all of your data and information assets into a single Catalogue?

Our Information Management experts can help you build innovative Data and Information Registers. We can build detailed Catalogues that meet both technical and a diverse array of commercial, operational end-user needs. Request a Consultation today! Contact Us