eDRMS & Records Management Consultants

Our eDRMS Consultants offer an extensive array of vendor neutral eDRMS and records management consulting services.
  • Design & Implementations
  • Business Classification Schemes and Naming Conventions
  • Electronic Records Management & Recordkeeping Services
  • Retention and Disposal Schedules
  • Records Sentencing Strategies

eDRMS Design & Analysis

Let us assist you with the analysis and design of your new or improved eDRMS. We can also help with eDRMS rectification work and all forms of product upgrades. Do you know the product roadmap for your Vendor? What is your immediate and long term strategic eDRMS position? Are you going pure digital or the Cloud?

Our electronic Records and Document Management System consultants can help address these types of difficult questions in collaboration with you. Get in touch with our professional eDRMS consultants today! Contact Us

Classification Schemes

Our experienced team has worked across a number of states and territories. Let us assist you with your Classification of your Records, Documents and Information. Our team can also advise you on the best method for implementing new classification schemes. Do you want to update your classification scheme?

Let our professional eDRMS, information management or recordkeeping consultants assist you with your design or schema today! Contact Us

eDRMS Product Evaluation

Our experienced electronic Records Management and eDRMS consultants can advise and support your organisation through the upstream procurement and solution design phases. Let us be your independent probity partner.

eDRMS Australia offers 'Vendor Neutral' eDRMS product and project evaluations. Do you need to manage a Tender Phase or Probity?

We don't sell eDRMS products but we do help Records & Information Managers and eDRMS Professionals make great choices. Contact us today! Contact Us

Naming Conventions

We use our ideas and experience to help you derive a customised Naming Convention. These dynamic Naming Conventions are similar to a Thesaurus but they represent a more shared operational language. Generating these conventions using collaborative methods and buy-in is key to success.

Let one of our professional electronic Records and Document Management System consultants help you create yours. Contact Us

eDRMS Policy

Your Records Management Policy is a framework that ensures compliance. Defining your Policy for Records Management or eDRMS related activities can be difficult and confusing. Let our electronic Records and Document Management System consultants guide you through the many layers of international, national and state and territory based Policy options. Do you know which Policies are required?

Let one of our professional electronic Records and Document Management System consultants advise and establish your new eDRMS Policy.

We also look after eDRMS and Records & Information Management Compliance.

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eDRMS Capability Maturity

Would you like to improve your recordkeeping maturity for better and more mature results? We specialise in creating customised Capability Maturity Models (CMM) for your records management area or recordkeeping function of your organisation.

A culture of electronic recordkeeping Compliance is one that requires very high standards. Some, or many, capability improvements for people and processes may be required.

Let one of our professional electronic Records and Document Management System consultants identify your capability and recordkeeping maturity needs.

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