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1800 864 889


eDRMS & Records Management Services

  • eDRMS & Records Management Consultants 

    We offer an extensive array of vendor neutral eDRMS and Records Management Consulting services. 
    ● eDRMS Design & Implementations ● Business Classification Schemes & Naming Conventions● Records Management and Recordkeeping Services ● Retention and Disposal Schedules● Professional eDRMS Consultants  

  • Information Management Consultants

    We offer an extensive array of Information Management Consulting services. 
    ● Records & Information Management Analysis  ● Information Governance Frameworks ● Data and Information Classification Schemes● Dynamic Data and Information Registers ● Data & Information Management  

  • Policy & Compliance 

    We offer an extensive array of Policy and Compliance Consulting services. 
    ● Records Management Policy● Records & Information Management (RIM) Policy  ● Compliance Reviews● Risk Management ● Confidential Reviews

  • eDRMS Project Managers  

    We offer an extensive array of eDRMS Project and Program Management services. 
    ● eDRMS Project & Program Management  ● eDRMS Strategic Analysis and Design● Scoping and Estimates● Project Health Checks● eDRMS Project Recovery and Salvage 

  • Document Management Experts   

    We offer an extensive array of Document Management services. 
    ● Document Management Strategies ● Replace Network Drive repositories ● Meta Data & Naming Convention Advice● SharePoint Site Design & Development ● Vendor Neutral Software Recommendations  ● Reduce IT Costs & Automate ● Cloud-based Project Document Management 

  • Recordkeeping Capability Maturity 

    Capability Maturity Models (CMM) help to improve your capability. The term maturity relates to the degree of formality and optimisation of processes, starting from ad hoc practices to eventually derive optimised processes. 
    Want to improve people capability? What about your recordkeeping and records management capability. Our highly trained consultants can design your CMM to improve your recordkeeping and your people. Let us know what your records management maturity needs are. 

  • Recordkeeping EcoSystem 

    There is much more to Records Management than electronic systems. What about your people and culture? 
    Let us define and describe your 'Recordkeeping EcoSystem' as it contains many elements, most of which are all connected. Managing these elements from a holistic approach ensures balance across the EcoSystem. 
    We specialise in insuring your 'Recordkeeping EcoSystem' is healthy and fit for purpose. 

  • Syncing eDRMS with SharePoint 

    Want to add SharePoint into your 'Recordkeeping EcoSystem'? What about syncing your Network Drives? 
    We look after popular electronic Document and Collaboration platforms like SharePoint. We also specialise in unique eDRMS and Network Drive syncing technologies. 
    What about syncing your eDRMS, Team Sites and your Network Drives? 
    Need help with Microsoft Team Sites? We can advise you on their full life cycle management. 

Why Choose eDRMS Australia

eDRMS Experience

Our consultants have many years and an extensive list of electronic Document and Records Management System experience to offer. We are all proud of our many successfully completed eDRMS engagements and projects.  


We value each client and service excellence is our aim. We support clients and members across many communications platforms. Access our Members Only Forum, Chat Room or try Email or Phone. 

eDRMS Professionals

It's simple, we use great people to create great outcomes for our clients and electronic Document and Records Management System colleagues. Together we champion good recordkeeping behaviours.


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