Victoria: New Digital Standards Framework is about to start. Are you ready?

Get ready for the Digital Standards Framework, which was endorsed by the Victorian Secretaries Board in July 2017 and by each Victorian Government department. The framework is Victoria’s central reference for digital best practice and where they apply, “MANDATORY STANDARDS”.

The framework’s focus is to make best practice for digital easier to implement across the Victorian Public Service. The Digital Standards Framework is now best practice for ALL Victorian Government digital services practitioners.

The key elements of the ‘Digital Standards Framework’:

  • 12 Digital Design Principles
  • How-to Guides covering all Victorian Government digital activities
  • Range of mandatory standards comprising legal obligations, policy requirements, and industry standards
  • Your Digital Management Committee (or local equivalent) is responsible for the framework’s governance

The 12 best practice ‘Digital Design Principles’:

  1. Easy to use: Make digital the first choice for our customers.
  2. Simple: Leads directly to the most used services and information.
  3. Available: 24/7 access.
  4. Useful: Designed to solve problems.
  5. Consistent: Works the same way for common functions, like data collection.
  6. Joined together: Integrated agencies.
  7. Mobile: Designed for mobile first.
  8. Complete: Customers to complete activities online – no manual steps.
  9. Clear: Use clear, active language.
  10. Fast: Quick to submit, and provide an efficient end-to-end service.
  11. Aware of history: Able to provide a record of past interactions.
  12. Aware of user: Able to use known information from previous interactions with government.

(Source: Information Technology Strategy, Victorian Government 2016-2020)

More details can be found at:

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