Queensland: Crimes and Corruption Commission investigations update.

The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) is an independent statutory body established to reduce the incidence of major crime and public sector corruption in Queensland, and to provide the state’s witness protection service.

The CCC focuses on major crime that poses the greatest threat to the Queensland community and matters that erode the integrity of its public institutions.

The CCC focuses on misuse of confidential information because of the security and privacy aspects of sensitive data. Privacy is of great concern to the community, and it is a significant corruption issue facing the Queensland public sector.

The CCC deals with the issue of misuse of confidential information through conducting investigations, reviewing other agency investigations, audits and the development of guidance material for units of public administration.

In their last reporting period, the CCC received 157 complaints relating to the misuse of information. This currently accounts for 7 per cent of all complaints received.

In the same period, the CCC finalised three investigations related to improper release of ‘Confidential Information’ and another 45 matters were referred to departments to investigate themselves subject to monitoring by the CCC.

These matters are spread across a variety of sectors including police, housing and public works, health, corrections, education, and child safety. The CCC was satisfied with the way these departments dealt with these 25 investigations. Overall, there were 69 Criminal charges laid during this period.

The CCC has indicated a renewed interest in recordkeeping, in particular, ‘inappropriate database access’. This is now a major point of interest for eDRMS professionals. Please ensure appropriate recordkeeping, monitoring, database controls and security measures are in place.

More details can be found at: http://www.ccc.qld.gov.au

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