Career Corner: Jobs in Record Keeping.

We scan the job boards to reveal where the top job prospects will be in 2019.

There are many roles in the world of eDRMS, Records Management and Recordkeeping. Popular job titles include Archivists, Curators, Records Manager and Information Manager.

A Bachelor’s Degree or higher, or at least 5 years of relevant experience is usually needed. The majority of eDRMS workers have a Degree and some have MBA’s.

eDRMS Professionals perform many important organisational tasks including:

  • evaluating and preserving records for administrative, historical, legal and evidential purposes
  • preparing recordkeeping systems, indexes, guides and procedures for the retention and destruction of records
  • identifying and classifying specimens and objects and arranging restoration work, examining items and arranging examinations to determine condition and authenticity
  • managing eDRMS including administrative and product support
  • analysing and ensuring the recordkeeping needs of organisations are being met
  • controlling access to confidential records & information
  • developing codes of practice, conduct and procedures for accessing records
  • developing record catalogues, coding and business classification systems and monitoring and controlling their use

Career Facts:

  • Sector has 5,600 Professional Members
  • Average Weekly Pay $1,812
  • Job Skill Rating – ‘VERY HIGH’
  • 69% Employed Full-Time
  • Average Work Hours 41 Hours per week
  • Average Age is 46 Years
  • Gender 71% FEMALE

Overall, the job prospects remain stable.

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