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Our highly trained eDRMS consultants specialise in all things eDRMS. We help our clients build agile, comprehensive and powerful eDRMS and recordkeeping functions. These capable systems are used to drive your business, whilst accomplishing the most challenging legal, regulatory and compliance goals*.

We started implementing electronic Document and Records Management Systems back in 2006. Since then our team has grown into other Records and Information Management areas and we now cover most of Australia. Chat, Email or Call us to discuss our work areas.

The team can help with eDRMS Project Management and eDRMS Policy & Compliance services. Our eDRMS consultants function with a unique business approach, which creates a basis for lasting relationships. One built on shared growth, trust and a mutual understanding.

* “In times of need a healthy eDRMS will provide our customers with a defensible position…most importantly, it can help them improve trust, transparency and integrity” – Dr Rob – CEO

Our Shared Records Management Values

Our consultants are all “passionate innovators who deliver a consistent eDRMS experience for our customers”.

We share our collective experience to help you build agile, comprehensive and powerful eDRMS, records management and recordkeeping functions.

We are the eDRMS professionals!

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Perfection has no limits!

Our eDRMS consultants are always wanting to ‘Continuously Improve’, it’s who they are.

Our teams are also about professional service delivery and we use multiple communications channels to support that.

Most importantly, we are always wanting to help other professional learn from our experiences.

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Experienced Team

Our team has an extensive array of eDRMS and Information Management experience and together we have successfully completed 100's of records and information management projects. Leverage our collective learnings.
We can provide you with professional eDRMS, information management and project management services.
We can also be your vendor neutral advisors.

End-User Focused

Our eDRMS consultants use their design skills and their records and information management insight to elevate the 'end user' experience at every step of the journey. This focus leads to higher adoption and increases in end-user satisfaction.
Better records management experiences introduces higher levels of adherence to policies and compliance requirements.

Holistic Approach

We use a modern holistic 'Systems Thinking' approach to design, develop and manage our solutions. Why? There are many connected parts. If you ignore one another may impact your parts or your whole electronic document and records management system.
Stop thinking about your eDRMS as a piece of technology and start taking a broader more balanced approach.

Customised Approach

Your business is different. We appreciate each client's electronic recordkeeping and document management needs. Our eDRMS consultants know every organisation or client site is a unique business setting, which has also has unique requirements.
Your processes, your people, all this makes your things very unique