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Join today with one of our Paid Memberships and you can start to save your 'Records Management Score' and over time see where you're at. All Paid Memberships include access to your own Dashboard. Here you can see your Score and Score History.

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Our Pro Version has a number of features on your unique Dashboard including an advanced 'Capability Maturity Toolset', an advanced 'Reporting Feature' that lets you know where your score is being impacted in a positive or negative way. Members can also 'Compare Your Score' with other companies and agencies around Australia. All of these features will help you efficiently and effectively focus on the things that mean the most. This saves time and valuable resources!


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Answer a few questions and see your 'Free Records Management Score' instantly.

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Our Members can 'Save' their Records Management Scores and over time they can see the historical changes.

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Save your Records Management Scores and over time we can show you where and how to 'Improve Your Score'. Members have their own Dashboard where you can clearly see where you are doing very well and where you are not.

Capability Maturity

Improving your records management capability over time is important. Use our tools to help understand where you are at on the 'Records Management Capability Maturity' journey.

Action Reports

Our Pro and Enterprise Versions have a 'Reporting Function'. Here you get a regular Report that highlights where you are doing well and where you need to focus your attention. These Reports help your business be efficient and effective records managers!

Enterprise Grade Version

Contact us today for your very own 'Enterprise Version'. We build your unique Dashboard with your dedicated purpose and goals in mind. Customize everything from your corporate logo, imagery and advanced reporting.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What's a Records Management Score?

A Records Management Score is a combination of many things. These include the responses you provide on our Questionnaire. Our Questionnaire is designed to discover and explore your Recordkeeping EcoSystem functions and relationships. We provide guidance on developing your people and your capability maturity levels.

How can I Improve My Score?

You can improve your score in many ways. The first step is to understand what your Records Management Score is and where and how it is being impacted. If you can report on the areas that need attention and the ones that don’t you can save time and valuable resources. Overall, you get better at Records Management.

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